Ratropolis was featured in September, 2021 of Card Battle

Roguelite, deck building, and tower defense are combined with real-time strategy in Ratropolis. Lead your rat colony to safety and protect your rat people from predators and malicious monsters. Become a legend in ratkind by building the greatest ‘Ratropolis!’ and engraving your name into rodent history!

Choose from over 500 different cards in each of the five categories of economy, construction, military, and expertise to carry out your strategic order. A deck of eight basic cards is used by all leaders. Creating an efficient deck is critical for defending your rats from a wave of rat-thirsty foes. To build a deck worthy of a real leader, add, remove, and upgrade your cards!

It will be hard to defend rats in the city. You need to get help from people who know about finance, defense, or leadership. They will provide you with improved alternatives if things get out of hand. If the city falls, your campaign will end. But you can expand your options by getting new cards and using defense as a way to do something different.

You have to lead the rodents of Ratropolis to victory and preserve your rats from devastation!


  • Unique Gameplay: Players control a single hero, who must complete objectives in real time on a tile-based map, while simultaneously defending against incoming attackers. It’s an unusual hybrid of card game and roguelite/tower defense! Have you ever played a game like this before?
  • Very Addictive: Highly engaging and quick gameplay that necessitates fast decision-making and response.
  • Replayability: A complex game that is simple to pick up but difficult to master.
  • 100+ Events: Every time you play, you get a unique experience thanks to random decision events.
  • 500+ Cards: Acquire new cards and features, becoming more powerful after each game.
  • 6 Possible Endings: Choose the end you want!
  • There are 6 leaders. Each has their own special skills and personality traits.