Ragnarok Labyrinth – Class and Job list

Ragnarok Labyrinth was featured in March, 2021 of Anime-Style, Idle RPG

This game is one of the premier role play games featuring the world of Ragnarok. It is beautifully designed with iconic stages and monsters that are associated with this dimension. The game will also feature some unique maze dungeons as an added and new feature. The game keeps the major elements associated with the Ragnarok IP series of gaming. It also sports a new feature called ‘Sharevice’ that allows players to grow their characters by allowing them to be shared and used by other players. It also includes feature specialized gears and costumes for characters and allows trading earned goods with other players.


  • Make your character stronger and increase battle power (BP)!
  • Participate in PvE adventure mode! There are over 15 locations available, each one is a hunting field where you can fight the monsters and grind EXP or Zeny.
  • Defeat MVP monsters with your control!
  • Call your friends and share your characters!
  • Explore unique maze dungeons!
  • Iconic costumes and gears!
  • Trade your goods with people!

Classes / Jobs

  • Archer – High ranged ATK, Ranged ATK Abilities
  • Dancer – Support class character with healing and buff abilities
  • Hunter – Excels in boss battles, long-ranged strikes
  • Swordman – great DEF and melee offense
  • Knight – great DEF, frontline unit, melee
  • Crusader – the best defensive class/job
  • Sage – possess both physical and magical abilities
  • Wizard- pure ranged Mage ATK
  • Rogue – steals skills from other jobs with excellent hand skills and flexible
  • Assassin – pure DMG, ATK SPD is good
  • Thief – DMG, ATK SPD is good

Best Job

This is my recommendation. Picking a class depends on how you want to play the game.

  • The best defensive: Crusader
  • The best ranged DPS: Hunter.
  • The best mage DPS: Wizard
  • The best melee DPS: Assassin.
  • The best support/healer: Dancer