Pure Sniper: City Gun Shooting

Pure Sniper: City Gun Shooting was featured in November, 2021 of Sniper

This is a classic sniper game with some creative twists designed to entice players who don’t want to spend money on in-app purchases and advertisements. It’s also another cash grab from Miniclip. That’s why such a generic sniper game is filled with a slew of in-app purchases and advertising.

It’s a huge improvement over previous installments, but the advancement is still rather sluggish. However, you may pay an infinite amount of money to acquire the tools you require, which is the whole idea behind this release: to steal your time or money.

After all, PvP was included for a purpose: to pit free players against paying ones so that both would spend more money.

Pure Sniper Game Features:

  • The graphics in FPS Gun Simulator are stunning, with slow-motion sequences that will leave your heart racing. The gameplay is very thrilling and action-packed!
  • Many amusing and thrilling sniping weapons, pistols, ammo, and grenades are available.
  • The fight simulation game is entirely free to play. In offline solo and online multiplayer versions, it’s accessible. You may join the battle even if you are not connected to the internet and start playing the free game.
  • You can play in different battlegrounds.
  • The game features a simple & smooth gun shooting control.
  • Each enemy type has its own set of characteristics and combat goals, so be wary when confronting them on the field!