PUBG Mobile – Tips, Redeem code

PUBG Mobile was featured in February, 2019 of Battle Arena, Third-Person Shooter

The official PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is finally here, exclusively for mobile. Survive epic 100-player classic battles, payload mode and fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch and zombie modes! Weapons keeps getting better with every update, such as M16A4, Vector, UMP45, and MK47Mutant, and Desert Eagle.

In PUBG, you paradrop into abandoned towns, find weapons to survive a long battle against other players.


  • Try to land last – You can wait for the plane to reach near the end of the line to drop. By then, other players are already landed and battled. In most cases, if someone lands later than you, it means he has bad connection. That’s an easy free kill for you.
  • Get to safe zone after a while – The first three safe zone shrinks come in very slow, which leaves you sometimes to roam free those areas and lets others battle among them first.
  • Keep ammo full – You must not wait till your gun out of ammo. Keep reloading after a short shooting to prepare for any situations.
  • Stick to your team – A team is clearly has many advantages compared to being solo. In a team, you can get healed after getting shot, get driven in car to useful vantage points, trade items.
  • Practice recoil – Every gun’s recoil system is different. You should train with every gun in training mode.
  • Vehicle for better survival – When driving a car, you can dodge all bullets thanks to its speed, or you can run over other players to kill them.

Redeem code

Redeem codes in PUBG brings you stuffs for free. To get them, you need to be a member of a game community.

Steps to redeem code:

  • Open your character screen by tapping the avatar in the upper left corner of the main menu screen.
  • Under your name, there is a string of number. You should remember or copy and paste it to a note to use later.
  • Go to official redemption page at and fill in the required information. Character ID is the string you copied in previous step; Redemption code is a working code; Verification code is the verified numbers on the right side of the field.
  • After a success redemption, open the game again and check Mail section to receive the free stuff.