Protect the Realm

Protect the Realm was featured in March, 2021 of Card Battle, Roguelike

This is a unique deck-based game having special twists. The plot is simple and requires protecting the monarch from the enemies through techniques and cleverly used spells. The game features customizable methods of upgrading cards in different imaginable ways. These upgrades are written down permanently in the text. It will require the players to make use of the forces to resist the invading forces. There will be mysterious events between the battles that will keep the players on their toes. These events will be a key to upgrading cards and bringing in new results.

  • The main mission is to defend your monarch from waves of enemies using tactical decisions and clever use of spells.
  • The cards are very customizable. You can upgrade any cards in your deck in different imaginable ways, then the upgrades are written in to their text permanently.
  • You can employ the forces to hold back the tide of invaders. There are mystery events between battles that forces you to keep on your toes and offers you opportunities to enhance your deck.
  • As in all other roguelikes, battles and maps are procedurally generated leading to a different experience every time.