Prizefighters 2

Prizefighters 2 was featured in November, 2020 of Fighting

Prizefighters has a free-to-play and comes with classic control options, fighter record editing capabilities, and added referee fight stoppage settings. Gamers can go for the premium version if they are craving for more action and unlock more thrilling features. The latest version is compatible with most devices.

Prizefighters, the best boxing game on Android, is back with a new update! Prizesfighters will now take you through your career and introduce some of the world’s most famous boxers. Whether an amateur or champion; it all gets tougher after becoming champ so be sure to keep training if you want to maintain that title for long.

What started off as a scrappy kid with big dreams has become the very face of boxing. And now, you’ve finally reached that final step – becoming the greatest of all time! But this fight is not just about winning and losing it’s also to maintain your legacy in this sport. You have been fighting for so long because there was no one else who could take over from where you left off; but what will happen when they come? The title may be yours until someone takes it away…

The Prizefighters 2 game is free to play, but if you want access to all the features then just buy the premium edition and get your money’s worth.

The retro inspired boxing action will excite and engage players in the adventures of creating their own amateur fighter, beginning your legacy with Road to Victory. You are not limited by just training them as you can also schedule fights for other fighters around the league. Become a legend when they retire from fighting or create another boxer who may reign supreme against old rivals!

Premium Edition – Manage your own stable of fighters in Boxing Gym Manager mode! You can book fights and run tournaments for up to 64 boxers in Be the Promoter Mode. There are no limits on how you customize weight classes, gyms, rings or even make-up a fighter’s look from head to toe. Import and export custom leagues created by other managers across the community through 10 save slots that allow simultaneous career modes with different sets of rules between them all at once!