Prison Run and MiniGun

Prison Run and MiniGun was featured in July, 2021 of Platformer

The latest platformer from Quantized Bit is Prison Run and MiniGun. This puzzle-platforming game has a slower pace than Mission Ammunition or Hot Guns, but that lends itself well to this genre of gaming because it allows for more thoughtful puzzles.

The game is about hunting down solutions to obstacles blocking your path. It can get annoying when you are trying not to be interrupted by ads, but at least there is a way for people who want one uninterrupted experience with the app!

Prison Run and MiniGun is a retro puzzle platformer that combines the feel of old-school games with modern mechanics.

The recent events in a state prison involving Jake from Hot Guns Team are a perfect moment for some prisoners to escape. You are one of them.

If you have the skills and guns, use them to break through many sections standing between your freedom.