Popcorn Burst: Tips

Popcorn Burst was featured in January, 2020 of Puzzle

There are lots of games offered by SayGames, but one of the most played ones is the Popcorn Burst. This game has eye-catching and state of the art gameplay. The challenges and puzzles will surely test your skill and character. Popcorn Burst is a complex game; that is why you need to master the techniques to move to a higher level.


Below will give you some useful tips and tricks and even cheat, which will help you master the game. So, let’s get started.

Control and Slow Burst to Avoid Overfilling the Bucket

In this game, your aim is to fill the box/jug with snacks, which can be diverse in sizes and shapes. At the first level of this game, you will just have popcorn. As you move to a higher level, an extensive selection of snacks will be added. Either way, your job is to control the shooter, which is tossing out huge volumes of delicacies. The power of the shooters can be a curse or a blessing. The fact that they are able to generate much,  stopping them is so hard.

So, stop them from overfilling, you have to use control and slow bursts. When you see the pot is half-full, take easy and regain power. After all, this game doesn’t come with a timer. So, you can pause or take time and fill the pot without rushing.

Avoid Dropping Massive Amounts of Snacks

In Popcorn Burst, messiness is not tolerated. So, players are only required to drop three popcorns. On the left corner, 3 white Xs will inform the player that he or she is in the clear. But, once those Xs become red, it is a sign of a problem, or you are in trouble. Each snack that fall over the floor will take away one X. Therefore, ensure that you don’t overfill your pot.  So, you need to be extra careful. Careful and slow bursts will let you handle things. Try to avoid making a mess when you are playing this game.

Don’t Forget to Save Game Progress

As mentioned, mess plays a big role in playing this game. It is impossible to avoid the snacks from tripping out of the pot. Once this happened, and you consumed your three lives, then you will start from the very beginning.

You must keep in mind that it is a multi-stage game. So, as a player, you must best 2 or 3 levels to move to the next level. Therefore, Popcorn Burst provides a solution for those who make an error of spilling lots of snacks.

You can resume the game without going back from the start by watching the advertisement. So, it is advisable always to see the advertisement each time you lose the game. This will make it easier for you to climb to the next level.

Play Epic Levels

In this game, the levels are varied or highly diversified, meaning as you move forward, you will face lots of complex puzzles and obstacles. Popcorn Burst provides two kinds of puzzles, the classic and the epic.

Classic levels are easy to play. To reach epic levels, you need to unlock 75 levels. Epic levels will test your skills. However, with some tips, it will be easier for you to solve the puzzles.

Change Snack Appearance

In Popcorn Burst, you’ll get a prize of gold coins once you complete the level. This can be used to buy stuff in the store. At the welcome screen, press the shop tab, and you’ll be directed to the Popcorn Burst store.

In the store, you can change the appearance or looks of the snacks. Aside from popcorn, you can play with ice cubes, brownies, etc. There are many skins available to select from. However, each comes with a price.