Poltergeist was featured in April, 2021 of Arcade, Stealth

People are always afraid of ghosts and they’re right. Ghosts are scary! But look at it this way, you’re the ghost and your only job is to haunt people. There is a certain thrill that comes with knowing you’re feared. Well, Poltergeist allows you to play the role of a ghost, only that this time round it is you that is hunted. Your goal is to outmaneuver ghostbusters and survive for as long as you can. Being found means instant death, so you will have to hide behind shadows as your monitor your assailants’ every move.

Poltergeist is known for its unique graphics and 3D visuals. Additionally, the user’s experience is enhanced by clean and exciting gameplay. It has all the qualities of a good game, which include ease, fun, and excitement. I know many games that are so complicated that one would rather stop playing them to relax their mind.

Poltergeist was last updated on April 2021, and its current version is 0.2. Though relatively small (56M), it is undoubtedly worth your time. Like most games, it is compatible with android 4.4 and up. So, what are you waiting for? Rush home, change into your ghost costumes (if there are any), and start hiding.