Pigeon: A Love Story

Pigeon: A Love Story was featured in March, 2021 of Adventure

Although an experimental meditative game, Pigeon is a revolutionary game that would allow you to explore a 3D map of London. However, you will have to do this as something else, entirely different from your actual self – a Pigeon. You are required to use your unique skills to locate your Pigeon-shaped soulmate.

Pigeon: A Love Story is indeed a strange game. It is not for the mass. The game gives you no hints, no clues, but just lots of pigeons. It’s not going to be easy to find your soulmate among 1 million of pigeons. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong.

The game features over 1,000,000 pigeons, and thousands of real London buildings. With that many models in a screen and big environment, the game is graphically intensive. So to play smoothly you need to play it on a modern, high powered smartphone or tablet.

You device need to have WiFi or mobile data enabled because it live streams real data of the map of London.

However, it also supports offline mode. There is a mode called a limited offline mode, set instead in a randomly generated cityscape. You can save your progress offline, then switch to online later.