Phrased Out – A Trivia Quest Game

Phrased Out was featured in June, 2021 of Trivia

Do you want to challenge yourself with a quiz game? Step right up and play Phrased Out! To attack your enemies, just answer questions by playing Hangman. Guess the missing letters of the answers so that they can be filled in correctly.

Phrased Out is a game where some questions are trivia, and others are like an RPG-style game. It is about how you answer the questions. You have to get points to level up like in RPG games.

As you play, the game will reward you with currency that is used as a way to progress. You can use it for upgrading your gear and getting strong enough to withstand more difficult enemies.

You can unlock more of the story’s mysteries by upgrading your special talents and taking on word puzzles.


  • Huntdown is a game in which you decode and answer letter by letter.
  • The creatures living on our heroes’ planet are in danger. We must help them by collecting Chips and finding out what is going wrong.
  • Phrased Out is a game with different challenges. You win Chips when you beat these! If you have enough Chips, you can get upgrades to help you beat the challenges.
  • You can use the RPG-like system to improve your knowledge. You can get upgrades to help you beat tough challenges.
  • Do you want a perfect score? You can try to get the best score in the world.
  • 1000’s of trivia to solve
  • Powerful upgrades for a meaningful meta
  • Hangman style gameplay with a twist
  • A mystery that unfolds as you play
  • Movie Trivia
  • Video Game Trivia
  • Sports Trivia
  • Pop Culture Trivia
  • History Trivia
  • Science Trivia
  • Television Trivia
  • Comic Book Trivia
  • And more!