Operation February

Operation February was featured in September, 2021 of Turn-Based RPG

In the end of the 80s, two great powers perished in the abyss of radioactive fire as a result of guaranteed mutual destruction. Some small signs of civilization began to appear, but what do they know? The world does not tolerate emptiness so here and there small centers of a reviving civilization appeared.

This is how the developer refers to Operation February, an Android game with features such as: classic battles, campaign mode, single-player mode with survival and team modes.

You’re a seasoned member of the ATOM organization, and you’ve been given a small assignment: to journey to the war-torn Wasteland, discover, identify, and research the source of an unknown signal. You are also instructed to perform surveillance and seize any surviving gear while also protecting the resurgence of civilization in the region.

It’s a game where you make your own story!

You can choose which character you want to play as, and the quests are procedurally generated. There are many different endings that depend on your decisions. You can also fish in the small pond that is near the bunker. It’s an Android game, but it has been made for Windows devices too!

  • Different endings;
  • Procedurally generated quests;
  • Four locations to explore;
  • Turn based combat system.