Om Nom: Parkour

Om Nom: Parkour was featured in May, 2021 of Endless Running

Om Nom: Parkour is the latest to hit the Play Store and it’s a game where you’ll run and zipline across rooftops. As you can see, this new Om Nom auto-runner has been done to death with so many releases in recent years that are just like Om Nom:Parkour but different enough for them not all being called “OmNom.” It’s kind of bland because as players we’re still seeing more monkey games than ever before when there have always been other kinds out there waiting for us on Google Playstore, too!

Let’s get physical as we return to Om Nom’s world and learn about a niche but worthwhile discipline. Parkour is the physical activity of going from point A to point B as quickly, powerfully, and efficiently as possible. The best way to do this is using your own two legs, ideally by jumping off ramps or running up walls – anything so you can travel over obstacles in your path rather than just avoiding them. In this game, master parkour moves like rolling (to prank those pesky kitties) or backflips while playing Om Nom’s favorite endless running games and old-school challenges hidden in the  rooftops of Nomville!

-RACE: Who is the fastest? 10 racers, only one winner!
-EXPLORE: Can you find the fastest route through the rooftops of Nomville? There are thousands of ways to finish a level!
-DO TRICKS: Climb walls, do a wall run, double jump and ride ziplines on your way to victory!