Old Friends Dog Game

Old Friends Dog Game was featured in August, 2021 of Simulation

Old Friends Dog Game is a one-of-a-kind online game about friendship and love, with an added side of puppies.

In this mobile game inspired by Studio Ghibli film, your goal is to create a dog sanctuary where you can pet and care for senior dogs who arrive. As each one warms up to you, more story episodes will be unlocked with choices that offer different stories about their personalities.


  • Help senior dogs – rescue and care for cute old doggos and spend your days loving them. Become an expert in animal care as you pet, feed, and nurture residents.
  • Choose your story. You can make choices that will unlock new chapters. If you are loyal to your dog, you will unlock many more episodes in this wholesome game!
  • Decorate your home with cute furniture and toys. This will make your residents happy.
  • Bake treats for your pets. When you get baking, you can earn more loyalty and unlock new story episodes.
  • Give your residents their own clothes to wear. You get accessories for the dog as rewards. They are adorable and you can dress them up.
  • This game has all different types of dogs: big ones, small ones, and even some that are as big as a horse! There is a favorite type of dog for everyone.
  • Create your own profile for the journey. You can make an avatar with pictures of your friends and pets.