Nano Legends

Nano Legends was featured in June, 2021 of PvP, Real-Time Strategy

Nano Legends is an interactive 3D real time strategy and tower rush game that you will have never played before.

There is the great witch, Aillai, with her Antique Shop. She has collected lots of antiques for a long time and she helped her little champions, Nanos, to live. Help the Nanos in their battle against the others!

  • Deploy heroes to attach other’s towers Enjoy fast-paced, casual, strategic battles by becoming a god-like Giga! Who can destroy their enemy’s towers first become the winner. These battles take less than 3 minutes to complete as well!
  • Collect and upgrade Champions Select strong champions and use their unique abilities to beat the other team! You can choose Aidel who can heal, or Tuppi who can shoort freezing arrows, or any other champions. Pick your favorite. Enhance their powers by leveling them up and customize their looks with lots of skins and accessories!
  • Build and upgrade your team You can choose from a wide variety of troopers and build your perfect army. You have to use their special abilities and fight for victory.
  • Casting spell well! – The Miracles you have will help your Nanos do things. You can use them to walk on water, set your enemies on fire, or hit them with a mighty punch.
  • Beat the campaign – This game has a mode that is easy to play and has maps with many different options. You can unlock rewards at your own pace in this easy mode.