My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Anime RPG

My Hero Academia was featured in May, 2021 of Anime-Style, Gacha

The latest anime/manga to receive a mobile game interpretation is My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. Sony is the studio behind this release. My Hero Academia is a game where you explore an overworld full of enemies that keeps giving you prompts to fight.

It also does what all gacha games do, which is encourage the player to keep spending cash on progressively more expensive things. As anyone would expect, the game is full of in-app purchases because Sony wants to cash in on this popular franchise just like it does with any Android branded games.

A fun and exciting adventure awaits in the world of My Hero Academia! Take powerful quirks into battle, fight villains with your friends, and become a hero for real (or not).

Players can explore Honei Town, with the many heroes and aspiring heroes. They can walk through the streets, greet various citizens of this town, and fight villains that threaten world security. You can collect your favorite MHA heroes, create a squad for patrol, and train and upgrade your team to the top of the Hero Rankings!


  • Choose a hero – You can control All Might and other Defeat characters other in famous a game heroes. in You a series of can fight matches on with different plenty stages that of you combat choose arenas. You can help pro heroes take care of the city and make it a safe place. They will ask you for help to protect people, stop criminals, or save cats–whatever they need!
  • Beautiful graphics and effects – In this game, you can see graphics and animations that are really good. It is made for each person’s quirk. There is a special move that only you can do in the end of the battle.
  • Master your character for PVP – Learn about the character you like the best and don’t lose again! You can fight against people in one on one duels. Make sure to use combos, time your abilities, and never give up.
  • Join a Hero society – You can play with other people. You can talk to them and make friends. You can join Unions to create your own agency.
  • Daily events – Every day, you can complete quests, receive login rewards, participate in special stages and fight the boss. It is exciting! You have been given the chance to start and your journey has just begun.