Mr Rumble – Stealth Action

Mr Rumble - Stealth Action was featured in September, 2021 of Stealth

Mr Rumble – Stealth Action, as the name implies, is a stealth game with little action. It has a simple gameplay.

Despite its unpretentious foundations, there’s a lot of excitement to be had. Each stage is similar to a puzzle in which you must avoid traps and guards in order to acquire diamonds.

Despite its basic appearance, Mr. Rumble is profitably monetized, and you may test it for free with advertising or pay to have them removed if you appreciate what you see.

  • Mr Rumble is a sly and comical legend: the legendary thief.
  • In each stage, you must try to steal the diamond with your sticky hands. You will need to avoid traps, sneak past security guards and harmless individuals in order to acquire the precious item.
  • Hide and avoid being discovered, like a ninja.