Mini Blaster

Mini Blaster was featured in August, 2021 of Minimalist, Top Down Shooter

Mini Blaster is a challenging and addictive shooting game that will have you on the edge of your seat! You move your ship by sliding the fingre across the screen, all while trying not to touch any pink dots. Should one be an unfortunate victim, it’s game over for them.

Mini Blaster is an exciting space shooter that can provide hours of entertainment as players try their best not to let themselves get too close or hit individual enemies in order win.

This is what makes the game so great – simple controls that require precise movement. As the levels progress, so will your equipment and skills; constantly upgrading your ship as you battle approaching enemies.

The game is a one-handed operation, easy to play. You can automatically attack enemies within range without the need of aiming in detail! Defeat your foes and collect gems that will level you up even more. Choose an upgrade for yourself as well so you get stronger with each passing day.

You can get all sorts of upgrades for each level up. If you combine them, they’ll be even more powerful than before! Let’s defeat the enemy with our strengthened machine to show ’em what we’ve got.

The colors of the screen will constantly change as you play, so each time it’s a new experience. You might prefer one color over another and want to keep playing with that palette for an even higher score! Each style is different too—try them all out to find your favorite!