Metal Revolution

Metal Revolution was featured in June, 2021 of Fighting

METAL REVOLUTION is a new fighting game that has the soul of the old fighting games. You can play it with the smooth touch control. The graphics are very high quality and you can fight with friends on the computer or other people online!

Pick your favorite type of fighter. They might use Muay Thai, or a katana. You can play against other people who have chosen a different type of fighter. Or you can play a classic arcade game mode to learn more about the Cyberpunk Universe. Each character has their own story arc. If you are either a casual gamer or a fighter game purist, it is now time to get your coin and prepare for a new challenger!


  • There are different fighters with their own fighting styles and looks.
  • Your fighters can be customized with costumes that are casual or from a high fantasy world.
  • The fighting animation is enjoyable at up to 60fps.
  • Battle on different places, like big city buildings and a ghost town.


  • Get the arcade fighting game experience on your phone.
  • Play it in Arcade, Tutorial and Training modes. Then play it in Versus mode, Team Versus mode and ranked ladder.
  • You can even talk trash when you are playing with others.


  • The game have a ladder system with divisions and rank rewards.
  • You can make your own tournaments with friends in our lobby.
  • Spectators can watch from the screen, like they are at the main stage.
  • The game has a replay function that captures every fight frame by frame.
  • The netcode in this game ensures that you won’t get interrupted when you are doing combos on your opponent.


  • You can play against people around the world.
  • There are different levels of playing and all the players go up or down depending on how they do.
  • You get rewards when you have done well and you go up to a higher level, if you do poorly then you may go to a lower level.