Mesh Dash: The Endless Bounce

Mesh Dash: The Endless Bounce was featured in February, 2021 of Arcade, Endless Running

It is a hardcore casual reflex game that engages both of your fingers to play. Control the power and jump of your ball through infinite platforms as you enjoy high octane music. Compete with and outrun your opponents to achievements and unlock skins and cosmetics.

This is a hard game, but it’s also a casual game. You need two fingers for this game. One finger controls the ball dash while the other finger controls jumping and flying.

Survive through many platforms while listening to intense music. The map is made all new each time, so every replay will be different and challenging.

It is easy to play this game. You can swipe with one finger to steer and tap or hold the other finger to dash. It is fast thinking and concentration that will help you win. You can also have shields on your ship for extra life, but they only work for a while. If your strategy is good enough, then you can survice.

Moving platforms try to break your ball rush. When you bounce on them, they disappear. You can avoid them when you jump over them. When you collect more and more scores, the map will get even harder. For example, huge walls will stop your jumping ball! In addition, there are deadly energy platforms and lasers that make it stop.

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