MAZEMAN was featured in June, 2021 of Adventure, Pixel Art

Crescent Moon Games, the developer of many good games released Mazeman for Android. It is a non-linear action arcade game which combines the exciting gameplay of Bomberman and procedural generation that creates new levels every time you play

The game has tons of characters to collect, and there’s plenty of content to unlock. Though the gameplay might seem repetitive, it is balanced nicely and this title makes for an enjoyable experience.

MAZEMAN is a game that features fiendish monsters, all too eager to capture you and claim your soul. Hence it will be a challenge to any players.

This game is fun and has many things to do. There are lots of unlockables, monsters, levels, power-ups and collectibles. You can play forever (only if you want to)!

The game has excellent art style and music. Crescent Moon Games needs some recognition for the best pixel-art animation in a mobile game.