Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen – Tips for beginners

Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen was featured in October, 2020 of Idle RPG

Masketeers is challenging, yet refreshing. The game introduces Masketeer, heroes empowered by mysterious masks. They take a stand against the inner demons of society behind the masks. Discover rare items and gain bonuses, adjust the hero based on your strategy, unleash unique attacks and gain allies throughout the game. The RPG will most likely hook you in, whether you count the gameplay or the actual themes.

Masketeers’s features:

  • Be Adorned With Power – Mask is the identity of a character who is also called Masketeer. A character can be equipped with masks and runes of various bonuses and rarity. Players can collect and use them according to your battle strategies.
  • Master The Orbs – The gameplay features an orb-matching system where you can chain them to unleash each Masketeer’s various unique attacks. It is necessary to use them wisely along with other special orbs to enhance your team’s strengths against the Wraiths.
  • Grow and Transcend – Via continuous battling or idle play, players will complete above challenges and reach higher levels then transcend to become even more powerful. You can explore talents, skills and strategies that allow the Masketeers to shine at their fullest potential.
  • Fortune Favors The Bold – A Masketeer has his own companion, be it guardians, wisps, charms, or fortune creatures. They will bring luck and timely help to the heroes.


  • Combine orbs of the same type – Since newly generated orbs appear at the end of the orb line, you will have to make sure similar orbs are placed near each other in order to deal max damage to enemies.
  • Time your ultimate – The ultimate gauge fills up when you active orbs. The ultimate should be activated in the boss round to defeat the wraith boss in a limit time.
  • Equip runes – Runes can be equipped to a character to boost his status. They can be obtained wooden chests which is freely available every 8 hours. 
  • Daily Deals and Wooden Chests – You should open free chests and check the daily deals to find free masks and runes. You can watch video ads to get one mask for free as well.