Legions War: Art of Strategy

Legions War: Art of Strategy was featured in September, 2021 of Tower Defense

The Art of Strategy is a war game combining real-time strategy and defense elements. It is a tower defense game that takes place in the distant past where you must defend yourself and your allies by attacking enemy legions.

It’s a lighthearted button tap, in which you’ll touch on the troops and upgrades to dispatch to the field as well as the tactics you want to use to gain an advantage during combat.

Because the game is spent most of the time sitting and watching, it’s a snooze-fest, and the rapacious monetization doesn’t help.

The Good

  • Simple gameplay
  • Addictive at first
  • Idle gameplay which make it good to play on emulator to waste time.

The Bad

  • Greedy monetization. There are many random force ads appears after a certain event.
  • Repetitive game play