Kotodama Diary

Kotodama Diary was featured in December, 2020 of Simulation

Collect hears, choose words and watch your kotodummy evolve and grow. Customize your friend in a simple and entertaining way – the kotodummy will evolve based on the words you choose. It could be rude, friendly, emotional and so on.

Kotadama Diary’s characters change depending on what words you feed them. You can even make them grow up into something unexpected! There are both happy and sad characters, and also lovable ones. There might even be a character who is rude. But there are also some that everyone likes!

You want to make the words in your sentence more sophisticated. Feed them the right words so they can evolve into a new species. Put your favorite furniture in your room. And you don’t need to clean up!

Kotodama Diary is a joyful game that lets you have fun with different characters. They are different depending on what you do in the game. There are over 100 different kinds of these weird characters. We call them “kotodummies”.

How to play:

  • Collect the hearts by touching or swiping on them.
  • Words start to appear after you collect enough hearts.
  • Pick one of the appeared words.
  • The kotodummy can evolve based on the word you picked.
  • To draw fortunes or to obtain accessories you can use tickets or gems in the game.
  • You can give the kotodummies will obtained accessories and have them wear those accessories. If the kotodummies love them, they’ll give you useful items in return.
  • Furniture can help you progress the game quicker. They can be purchased with coins the kotodummies collect.