Knightin’+ was featured in February, 2021 of Action, Pixel Art, Roguelike

Knightin+ is a classical game that draws inspiration from a 90s masterpiece. It requires you to explore your combat skills by fighting your way through dangerous dungeons. Overcome all traps, solve puzzles and collect as many magical artifacts as you can. The game is renowned for its excellent pixel art graphics. It also has full controller support and a catchy soundtrack to give you a memorable gaming experience.

The game is an attempt to inherit the spirit of the original Legend Of Zelda from way back in 1986. In Knightin’+ you play the role of Sir Lootalot, a brave knight, in a world with a practically nonexistent narrative. Even though the game was original for game console, the game’s intro is very short and push player to start their adventure right away. 

The game offers common tasks of a roguelike action RPG for player to do. Through doing puzzles, grinding gold and completing dungeons, you can level the protagonist with new skills.

None of the puzzles are too hard or tricky to solve. Their difficulty is just enough to make player immerse in the game. There are 2 types of puzzles, one is to move blocks around each other to fit into glowing spaces, the other is to light circle in correct order.

Knightin’+ has a simple yet working sound and graphics.  The animations of the hero and monsters are clear and fluid.

Overall, Knightin’+ worth every penny for a mobile game.