Kitty Q

Kitty Q was featured in October, 2021 of Puzzle

The Schrödinger’s cat paradox is a paradoxical thought experiment intended to demonstrate the quantum superposition principle, in which a cat exists in two places at once. However, as you know, someone has already turned this idea into a game, and it’s an entirely free educational game.

The user will assist you in leading Kitty Q out of the perplexing quantum realm. Everything is controlled by its own odd laws within the container. According to her great-grandfather Erwin Schrödinger’s specialist subject: quantum physics, the world is strange here. You get to explore Anna’s great-grandfather Erwin Schrödinger’s field of expertise: quantum physics.

Each puzzle in the game is based on real, rigorous science. It’s a brand-new planet to explore!

You will learn more than 20 scientific facts about quantum physics in Kitty Q that will astound your audience.