Kitty Letter

Kitty Letter was featured in February, 2021 of Word

An interesting head-head combative game, Kitty Letter is a world-renowned game. It requires the player to use cat vocabulary to protect themselves from an exploding legion. Its main feature is an extensive single-player campaign, but you can also play with friends or strangers if you like. Additionally, you don’t have to collect any coins, cards, or complete levels, allowing the player to enjoy the game limitlessly.


You can play games with people you don’t know or with friends in an 1vs1 match.

The single player campaign is extensive which features an all-new story by The Oatmeal.

No part of the game requires you to collect things such as cards, coins or level up anything. All that is required playing – is know how to play.

If you really want to buy cosmetics that have no power, then just earn or purchase them.