JanKenup! was featured in April, 2021 of Casual

If you’re a lover of the popular game ‘rock, paper, scissors, then this is the game for you. JanKenup requires a player to unlock characters and break records in a never-ending elevator. You can play it online with friends and strangers alike. Your main goal is to beat everyone else in the world as you unlock numerous achievements.

Characters in JanKenup show the corresponding sign with their hand, a relatively new feature that has made it even more interesting. Additionally, the game’s developer is continually adding amazing features to the game, all meant to improve user experience. JanKenup does not take a lot of space on your device either. You only need 35MBs and there you have it. With more than 500 installs to date, the game is quickly gaining popularity among the gaming community. If you want to use the game without difficulties, you need to have android 4.4 and above. Additionally, you need to go for its current version (0.0.64) to have the best experience. JanKenup’s excellent graphics and colors will leave you glued to your screen the whole day. Any time you feel like clearing your head after a busy task, just grab your phone and let JanKenup throw you into its fantasy world.