Idle Harbor Tycoon: Tips

Idle Harbor Tycoon was featured in June, 2020 of Clicker RPG, Simulation

Idle Harbor Tycoon is one of the best idle clicker games these days. Here, you will learn how to operate your own cruise ship business. You will start with one terminal and a dock. It is all up to you to build the whole thing up by purchasing better and bigger ships, upgrading various facilities, and researching technology.

Do you enjoy boats and traveling? Have you always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur and be your own boss? If so, then become a harbor tycoon! You can build your own harbor and buy new boats and ships. You can also research more technologies to try to be the best harbor tycoon in the world.


However, these are not simple tasks. It needs skills and knowledge. That is why we are giving you this Idle Harbor Tycoon tips.

Multiply Your Profit

In this game, you need to see a series of ads to maximize your profit. There’s a power-up button located at the base of the screen. Once you press it, you will access the income multiplier page, which gives you a chance to double your profits. But you only have 12 hours to do so.

Unlocking Divine Touch

Upgrading your Divine Touch is very important. This will give you the power to hold on the screen for a few seconds that allows you to acquire more passengers. When you upgrade your Divine Touch the number of passengers you get for every second will increase.

Searching for the Reward Boat is Vital

One in a while, a shimmering boat will roll in the harbor. Once you tap it, an advertisement will come up. If you watch the ad, you will be given a gem or cash. Always watch the ad to earn more gems. The cash rewards will increase; it all depends on your development in playing the game.

Don’t Upgrade Terminals and Docks Too Fast

You need to spend a considerable amount of cash on upgrading terminal and dock. You will see that unlocking any of these features will augment the upgrade value of the others. So, instead of spending your cash by unlocking these features, keep them at an even level. It is better to check if you can fill them up.

It is highly advisable to spend your money on research. Upgrading a terminal or dock is needed if you see that it’s already 70 percent capacity, and you’re about to log off. Upgrade it if the capacity is below 50. In this way, you spend your cash on space that you’ll use.

Make the Best Out of the Research Tiers

In this game, there are lots of multiple tiers. You’ll have to spend a certain amount in lower ones to upgrade higher tiers. Although, you already upgraded higher ones, it is advisable to try to maximize first the lower ones. If there is available cash after buying lower tiers, you can use it to unlock higher-tier research.

Develop a Harbor

There is a boat logo located at the left corner of the Idle Harbor Tycoon screen. When you press it, you have the chance to access the development screen, which allows you to find new boats.  You need to spend a lot to discover this development. However, they augment the basic value of the tickets, so meaning your total earnings will be multiplied later on.

Complete the Mission

Next to the Prestige button you will find an icon that has an exclamation mark. Click it to access the Missions menu. The game provides you with missions that you have to complete. The tasks will help you in keeping track in terms of your progress. When you complete the mission, you will be rewarded with cash and gems. Ensure to claim these rewards once you finish the task as the next one would not appear until you do so.

Here are just some of the Idle Harbor Tycoon tips you can follow to become successful in playing this fantastic game.