Huntdown was featured in June, 2021 of Action, Platformer

Huntdown is an old-school, run-and-gun game that’s available for Android today. This is a very well-reviewed game, and it deserves the praise because it brings lots of fun combat. You are a ruthless bounty hunter in the most dangerous city of your time. You’re decked out with all sorts of firearms, from pistols to assault rifles and shotguns–all deadly weapons that will leave blood on anything they touch. Fight against crime as you clean up streets overrun by violence and corruption! 

The pixel graphics are superb and it’s easy to see that the developers of this game have a deep passion for ’80s action movies. If you want an old game which is similar, think of games like Think Blade Runner mixed with Robocop.

The voice should be professional and the action is over-the-top. Thanks to controller support, this game can now be played on Chromebooks or tablets. If you’ve been looking for a solid 2D shooter that is similar to Contra or Metal Slug, then this game might be the one. The touch controls also work smoothly and doesn’t hinder gameplay in any way.

Become one of three merciless bounty hunters in a pixel-painted metropolis overrun by violence and corruption. Take on the criminal underbelly of the city with creative weapons, reclaiming it from anarchy while inspired by iconic action movies and arcade games of 1980s!

Huntdown is a fast-paced, action adventure platformer that help you to battle four deadly gangs and tons of crime bosses. The game features quick strategic 2D combat in this riotous journey from Coffee Stain Publishing and Easy Trigger!