Hexagon Block Arts

Hexagon Block Arts was featured in July, 2021 of Puzzle

Hexagon Blocks are a great way to make awesome art!

Are you looking for the perfect game to pass the time? Come try our Hexagon Block Arts, with a host of pictures and exciting challenges! This game offers engaging gameplay in an artistic setting. With so many ways to win, this puzzle game will keep you hooked until every piece is in place. But don’t worry, we’ve added clever hints and mess-wiping buttons for those times when you just can’t get your head past that last puzzle. In this puzzle game you’ll never be bored again!


  • Complete many colorful pictures by placing Hexagon Blocks in rows.
  • The example pictures show blocks that need to be reversed. Tap the Hexagon Blocks below to do so!
  • Drag your finger across the screen to place Hexagon Blocks of consecutive colors.
  • Tap and slide! That are the only 2 techniques you need to master in this game.
  • Time limits can be missed if you are not careful.