Hero Ball Z

Hero Ball Z was featured in July, 2020 of Anime-Style, Collective RPG, Turn-Based RPG

Collect unique characters and enjoy a mix of shooters and RPGs. The characters are taken from Game Of Dice and work together to help you save the planet. The game is not all about fighting, but also about evolving skills and developing clever strategies.

Hero Ball Z is a game that is like an Idle RPG game combined with Bullet Hell. It’s not your everyday Idle RPG because it has Bullet Hell in it. So you will have the charm of an Idle RPG, but with a bunch of bullets on screen at once!

Awesome heroes are waiting for you! Collect awesome characters from the hit game “Game of Dice”! Combine Novices to make even more awesome Heroes!

The game is a beautiful new spin on Idle action. It has an eye catching, cute character and it is like a bullet hell. There are many levels to play and you can strategically use special skills in the game!

If you want to play more, there is so much more that you can do! You can raid bosses, PvP, and play the Event Matches. If you leave your hard-working Heroes on idling, then you can enjoy these things.

You need help from your friends to do good in this world. Join forces with other people and form a Union. Then you can work together to fight against anything that is bad.