HellCopter was featured in June, 2020 of Arcade, Third-Person Shooter

HellCopter is a 3D arcade game, in which, you will have a deadly mission. By loading your gun, you can pull the trigger. There is no shortage of bullets, and you will have fun from the gunplay in this game.

Hellcopter is a new shooting 3D game. It’s time to save the world from these criminals who have taken over an abandoned building! Slap on your headphones and get ready for some hellish helicopter action and destruction as you blast them with machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades… whatever it takes to eliminate this threat once-and-for all. There are no limits here so go wild – just remember that every criminal deserves justice in their own way (pun intended). Before each mission begins there will be instructions which tell you what weapons or upgrades can best help defeat this evil menace–follow those directions closely because they’ll point out any weaknesses of theirs too.