Giblins was featured in December, 2020 of Simulation

The giblin world needs a leader – you. Build a castle, complete quests and enhance your facilities. It is a business and you count on your giblins doing most of the underground work for you. Get your giblins to work, sell stuff, collect epic gear and produce things for your clients. It is all about balance and hard work.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Giblins. This is a fairy tail world where your ultimate castle business can be built!

Adventurers and guests in search of goods will travel from all corners of the land to come by your store and stay in your castle. They shall be merry in your banquet hall, tavern or theater after a hard day’s work, while Giblins toil tirelessly right beneath their feet.

You want to fill your guests’ orders and make sure your castle rooms are stocked and staffed. This way, they will trust you.

You need a lot of supplies to make your business work. Below ground, your Goblins will be excavating new areas and mining for valuable resources. They will dig for raw resources, craft them into valuable goods then sell to your customers.

If you are low on Giblins, you can get eggs and take care of them. They will hatch and grow up to be Giblin for your castle. Giblins are a magical creation, being fully grown and trained from birth.

Each Giblin comes with a standard, set ability level and a predetermined dream job. It’s your job to assign each Giblin the most suitable job.

You can craft and sell the best gear. There is a large amount of weapon types to forge, be it melee weapon or bow. You can also prepare delicious recipes to for daring Adventurers.