Friends Mart Rush

Friends Mart Rush was featured in June, 2021 of Endless Running

Help the friends shop at the grocery store by running! Dodge obstacles and collect coins. Friends Mart Rush is an endless running action game with cute graphics you often see in emojis.

In this game, you play as a cute teddy bear which need to get items from the store and dodge obstacles while you do it.

Friends Mart Rush is a fun game for kids to play. You can be an adorable teddy bear running around stores, and you have to grab as many items as you can while trying to avoid obstacles.

So far, there is not much content in the game. You can only get a few skins if you don’t pay and you cannot do anything else. Hopefully, Kakao Games Corp. will add more levels, items, maps, collectibles so the game does not become boring.

You need to go through the market and get items as quickly as you can. Jump over obstacles or slide when you bump into them. Collect carts and costumes that are colorful so you can make a good look!