Forager was featured in December, 2020 of Adventure, Survival

Forager is a 2D game with open world map inspired by other farming, exploration and crafting games. Forager allows you to forage and gain rewards for it. The classic 2D game allows exploring, farming and crafting things. Gather resources, use them in a clever way, craft resources, build a base and expand it. Explore, level up and discover new abilities – complete a few puzzles in between as well.

The Forager game is an open-world survival, collector, crafting and exploration action adventure RPG video game. Explore a vast map to find settlements that sell materials such as wood for your campfires or clay for pottery which help you progress through the easy-to-use UI.

Loot ruins while exploring dungeons of diamonds or steel! Raiding loot will provide gems so you can buy land from other players in order to expand your base with more room for resources.

The emphasis on resource management and survival mechanics like hunger & thirst make the Forager game much more challenging than many games like Stardew Valley.

Meticulously manage resources like animals populations since tending your livestock consumes just enough time without having to worry about what could happen next.

In one hand users need shelter from the dangers of the environment; while in another, craft abundant resources with which they can trade for land or items needed for survival.

Players can explore freely through impressive randomly generated worlds made completely out of pixelated blocks that represent all types of terrain such as marshes, mountains, deserts and forests by day or night within this beautiful low-poly visual aesthetic unique among games today