Final Gear

Final Gear was featured in October, 2021 of Collective RPG, Gacha

Final Gear is marketed as a strategic role-playing game, but it’s really a gacha game with lots of girls to collect, coupled with the convenience of slotting those waifus in mechs that you’ll use in battle.

Remodel your mechs at your leisure, recruit a variety of gorgeous pilots with various professions, and participate in breath-taking mecha fights!

It’s time to go on an adventure with Strong Mechs and Cute Pilots! Captain, let us combine our forces!


  • Create your own mechs with limitless possibilities!
  • Hundreds of components may be earned by clearing stages or part creation, and then used to construct extremely strong mechs! You can also pick up beautiful custom mech costumes as you go!
  • There are over 100 distinct pilots with a variety of personalities and occupations!
  • The pilots are each unique in personality, abilities and model. They also have their own voices! But training them is not easy for you as they fight against the computer or other players’ teams. You’ll need to unleash some violence if want victory so choose wisely which pilot best suits your needs before it’s too late…
  • Developing your own base and having pilots produce products while you’re AFK is an interesting idea!
  • Create structures such as dormitories, observation rooms, hangars, research laboratories, warehouses, and more. Each room comes with its own set of perks and resources. Make your own base by selecting which rooms to construct and building them!
  • Perfect side-scrolling shooter experience with Strategic & dynamic maps.
  • Choose your lineup carefully based on the terrain, the enemy’s lineup, and your goal. There are a lot of tactical activities to do at your leisure!