Figment was featured in January, 2021 of Adventure, Puzzle

The world of Figment is a strange and surreal world, where is filled with our deepest thoughts, urges and memories, populated by the many voices we hear in our heads. Follow Dusty and Piper on an adventure through the different puzzles to set restore the courage the world.

Welcome to Figment, a place where all of our thoughts, memories, and urges come together. It’s filled with many voices.

This mind has been quiet for a long time. Sometimes, thoughts like nightmarish creatures emerge. They make the mind afraid and it does not know what to do. The only hope is for Dusty, the voice of courage in this story, to be brave again so he can help the mind be brave too.

Dusty and his friend Piper go on an adventure through the different parts of the mind. They solve puzzles to make things better. The nightmares are bad, so they try to stop them. They also want to get people’s courage back.

Figment is a video game that has graphics of a person’s drawing. There are music performances in the game. You can use your brain and your hands at the same time in Figment. There is controller support in Figment that will work when it’s done.