FFVII The First Soldier

FFVII The First Soldier was featured in November, 2021 of Battle Arena

The Japanese game developer Square Enix had the brilliant concept of making a PUBG clone with a Final Fantasy skin. Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is the result of two elements, battle royal and Final Fantasy characters.

It’s a lot like other battle royales, but Square has made a few modifications to the usual setup, so you start with a melee weapon and can fight NPC enemies to earn more Gil so you may upgrade your gear as you play.

While it’s not as smooth as I’d like, the gameplay is solid, and the framerate is limited to 30 frames per second. The touch controls function well enough for me to score some kills while out and about.

About the Game

In this high-speed battle royale game with RPG characteristics, you must strive to join Shinra’s elite SOLDIER unit. You can choose a different way to fight, like with a sword or magic. You can also use guns. All of these are useful.

You can earn experience points and gil by defeating monsters. If you call upon the right monster, you can fight for yourself. You can also catch a Chocobo to make it easier to fight for yourself.

  • Use all of your weapons, spells, and melee attacks to vanquish your foes.
  • During the battle, kill monsters to gain experience points, strengthen your abilities, and increase your maximum HP. Use the gil you earn to upgrade your weapons and acquire goods.
  • Choose Your Role in Battle! Will you be a Warrior, using strong melee attacks to take the fight to the enemy? Or will you use your Sorcerer’s skill to cast augmented spells? Perhaps being able to enter and exit fights as a Ninja is more your speed? Choose your role before each encounter by selecting one of these styles!
  • Seventh Heaven, Corneo’s mansion, the train graveyard, and a familiar home covered in flowers are just a few of the iconic locations you may explore in each huge map.
  • Choose a style that reflects your unique personality and express yourself through a wide range of costumes, emotes, and other customizations.