Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes was featured in May, 2020 of Collective RPG, Turn-Based RPG

Exos Heroes is a traditional turn-based RPG which focuses on raising heroes to fill specific roles like tank, Healer, DPG and allows in-depth in-battle strategy with movesets. Exos Heroes’ world is full of contents for players to explore such as over 200 heroes with unique character designs, lost ruins, intense battles, thrilling skill actions, and much more. The game’s graphics are epic.

The adventure to find the missing sword of the emperor and the curse from an ancient dragon. Defend yourself against evil forces that threaten peace in the Exos Continent.

An Airship from the past has been found. You are going on an adventure! The airships travel through sky in this land. Become the captain and feel what it is like to be on an Airship. There is a dragon who you do not know, and a treasure hunter named Zeon too. They are helping you find treasures in this world where many different things happen.

Exos is an original RPG on mobile. It has a world map with freedom to walk and run. There are many exciting areas in the world that have lost ruins and treasures. You can explore the world and find lost treasures!

This game has beautiful graphics and is fun. It has battles that are not like movies. You can do a battle with pixels on the screen. The land in this game is very nice to look at and makes you feel like you want to play more of the game. Make sure you try this out!

Experience a new type of RPG with different battle systems than other games. You can break the enemy with the Guardian Stone system. The strategy will be more fun because there are different ways to attack.

The quality of every single character in the game is as good as the main character. Collect more heroes to get over 250 unique designs. Play with powerful Fatecore and enjoy intense, fiery battles.