EVE Echoes

EVE Echoes was featured in August, 2020 of MMORPG, Sci-fi

It is a space MMO game. Players can create their own ships and their own gameplay in order to become the strongest gamer in the game. Game offers exploration, combats and so much more, all of that in space. Each player will choose his own path.

EVE Echoes is a mobile spaceship MMO game that bases its core design principles off of EVE Online. In the game, players will be able to forge their own path and form alliances with other players from across the galaxy in order to shape the persistent universe.

You can do many things in EVE Echoes. You could explore the vast reaches of space, construct a massive starship to take on other empires and pirates alike, mine resources for trade or manufacturing purposes – with every action affecting how your empire grows and falls throughout history.

Listed below are three examples that show exactly what players will be able to accomplish as they play through their own personal story: 

  • Explore uncharted territory while taking care not only about yourself but also those who follow you into dangerous territories.
  • Join forces with others so that together you might rule solar systems across the galaxy by constructing gigantic starships capable of defending against whatever enemies may come knocking at your doorsteps.
  • Become an interstellar bounty hunter.

“LIGHT UP THE STARMAP!” The battle for sovereignty of nullsec has begun. Now, any Corporation can participate in the fight! From this moment on, up to 50 people can take part in fleet operations against enemies that roam throughout space. This is where you will live your thrill through our very own starmap and keep yourself updated with new developments as they happen – so stay tuned!

Corporation Citadels are now available for you to build. Create a space station that belongs to only you and your companions: an exclusive place where no one else can enter or mess with your stuff. This system is yours, so make it as awesome as possible!

The galaxy is at your fingertips! You can either rule with diplomacy or conquer by force. Ready to write galactic history?