Eternis Heroes – Pixel Roguelike RPG

Eternis Heroes – Pixel Roguelike RPG was featured in December, 2020 of Pixel Art, Roguelike

This game has a new world that is generated procedurally every time you play. Additionally, it is a turn-based RGP to give you the best gaming experience. Eternis Heroes is completely free. The game has thrilling encounters, loots, and monsters to keep you glued to your screen. Pick your unique hero with unique abilities and get started!

Eternis Heroes is a a free, turn-based RPG with every item and area randomly generated each time you play. Select from eight mighty heroes with unique abilities to jump into an ever changing world where nothing is the same twice!

You can buy new heroes, items, and skins for your game with Diamonds. You need to start your adventure in the world of Eternis, choose a difficulty level, and pick a hero. Fight through three different acts and develop your own strategy to win against Astaroth the Lord of Hell. If you succeed, you will be made into a legend in the Hall of Fame!


  • Eight playable characters with a unique focus and powerful abilities
  • One hundred items with a variety rarities and effects
  • Over 30 enemies and bosses
  • Three world locations: the Fairy Forest, the Shifting Sands, and Howling Hell
  • Over 50 tiles that you can interact with
  • Unlockable items, characters and cosmetics
  • More than 20 quests to help you on your journey
  • Hardcore gameplay where your Heroes will die frequently
  • Online High Score – Compete with other players
  • Eighteen achievements to complete
  • Procedurally generated world with endless replayability