Dwarf Journey

Dwarf Journey was featured in March, 2021 of Platformer, Roguelike

Dwarf Journey is a game that requires you to defeat enemies, forge epic mineral equipment and go on a long journey to find immortality. Gallar knows his days on earth are numbered. He can feel the presence of death creeping in with every breath he takes, but that won’t stop him from living life to its fullest before time runs out! The noble warrior seeks a way to live forever and ventures into Valley of Eternity, an ancient cave deep within one of Earth’s most dangerous mountain ranges rumored to hold eternal life-granting powers. The game consists of randomly generated levels, which you’re required to level up for even more lethal weapons and equipment.


  • Random generated dungeon – This game offers challenging new experiences every time you play it. You can never be bored with this game, and it’s great for all skill levels.
  • Different ways to enhance your character – You can defeat enemies and bosses to get experiences and customize the character the way you want.
  • Loot – Gather ores and weapon blueprints you find in the depths of the cave and take them to the village blacksmith. Together, you’ll forge finer equipment! You can also obtain runes around the cave that will give your hero extra features. Assemble your build with up to three runes, forge items for better protection so enemies don’t get too close or choose a powerful new ability—like more damage on attacks from afar or health regeneration when not attacking—and set up your character in any way possible using this RPG game‘s crafting system.