Dreamy Tiles

Dreamy Tiles was featured in October, 2020 of Casual

This 3D game will provide a fun and addictive experience. You have different levels to go through, challenging situations and cloud saving. The graphics will most likely surprise you, while enemies come with unique features to keep you interested.

A 3D platformer with a new design that is not like anything you have seen before. There will be different enemies, mechanics and puzzles. Try to pass each level as quickly as you can and see your high score on the leaderboards. Use your skill of disappearing to avoid the enemies and lasers and escape from dangerous situations. Collect coins so you can buy characters that are different than what you have.

The game has lasers, teleports, jumps, dodging and many more. There are different types of enemies. Its graphics are simple but beautiful. The music is relaxing. The game runs at 60 fps and has multiple leaderboards and various themes. You can save your progress to the cloud so you can continue playing on another device. There are plenty of challenging levels that are fun to play!