Dragonicle was featured in April, 2021 of MMORPG

Join Dragonicle, a new anime adventure MMORPG, in an epic online adventure game with hundreds of monsters! You can take control of Tamano and explore the fantastic world.

Explore a Mysterious Kingdom

The time has come for you to venture out into the Land of Asran and experience a thrilling, action-packed journey. With every Dragon soul that is tamed in this land, there are shards scattered all around waiting to be collected by someone as brave and heroic as you. Your patience will pay off when these precious collectibles used together with Tome of Knowledge’s guidance can open up new story paths which may lead towards  an everlasting heroic epic.

Collect cute pets

There are thousands of cute pets in the wild. You can go to Fae Woods, Dawn Bay or even the Pure Arctic- select your preferred terrain and then sit back while you explore.

Unlock Dragon Souls & God Gear

Dragon Souls are your best friend and most loyal servant. They will follow you anywhere, even if it is into death! Train them well to take on the world with a mighty power boost in battle using drake orbs or weapons of choice or morphing their souls forms. From beautiful Tamamo who has mastered all manner of magic spells that her enemies can’t resist, Bahmrite whose deadly skills include summoning dark lightning storms from his fingertips…to Elizabeth’s fiery passion which she unleashes whenever things start getting too boring around here – there surely must be one Dragon Soul out there just perfect for you!

Fight Epic Bosses

Epic bosses lurks all around the battlefield ruins, guarding rare treasures and gears. only the best heroes can defeat them and get the rewards.

Meet Your Soul Mate

Players can meet their wonderful soul mates and go on dates, hold hands, feed pets and design outfits together, and finally throw a wedding.