Dragonfist Limitless

Dragonfist Limitless was featured in July, 2021 of Fighting

Dragonfist Limitless is a pixel-based action game that’s the perfect mix of hilarity and action! The graphics are simple, but they’re illustrative and the gameplay is fun albeit somewhat watered down compared to modern brawlers.The game only allows you to move in two directions, and your moves are limited to three buttons. But it is still fun because you get to work through the game.

Jumping into the main part of the game can be hard because it has small checkboxes that are hard to click on. The graphics are particuarly basic, as they’re pixel based. Text size is uncomfortably small, too. I find myself squinting to read half the dialogue as a result of it being so small which makes me feel like this has not been optimized properly at all!

The gameplay can be really fun but there are just way too many things that need fixing before you put something out into the public

While the IAPs are high, they don’t need to be. You are not required to buy with them.


  • Train your way to the top of a dojo full household chores and learn from an “old salt” sensei as he mentors you in traditional martial arts. Some of the deceptively simple challenges will test even those with years of experience!
  • The game is about being the highest level in the world. Friends can compete to see who has the most power. You will live like an anime character from your childhood!
  • Master new techniques. You can do the Energy Beam, Wave Fist Style, Thousand Fang Style, Shadow Kick and Soul Fist technique.
  • You can change what your character’s hair, skin, and underwear look like. You can also make them wear different clothes. This means that you can make them look like a aerobics instructor from the 70s when they wear different clothes and do their hair in a certain way.
  • Unlock transformations that will make you stronger and have more power. It can give you the edge in battle and make your enemies afraid to fight.
  • You must fight with bosses that are mean but you can defeat them. You have to work hard and use your energy. Sometimes you just need to press the buttons quickly.
  • In this game, you can play with friends. Your shopkeeper will be there to help you along the way. You can also be friends with a Sensei who will teach you things about the game.