DQ Dai: A Hero’s Bonds

DQ Dai: A Hero’s Bonds was featured in October, 2021 of Turn-Based RPG

Set out on a grand adventure with the brave and cheerful Dai and his team of warriors to defeat terrifying monsters and battle huge bosses-all for the sake of banishing an unspecified evil! Dragons: they’ve always been your number one priority, and Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is no exception.

Dai promises to his mentor, meets new companions, and gradually discovers his own inescapable fate while the world is once again faced with a crisis.

This is where Dai’s tale begins, and his journey to become a real hero!


In dynamic three-lane fights, use your “Break” power at the right time to triumph! Unleash strong attacks to destroy your foes and advance! nUse of your “Break” ability at the correct moment is critical to victory. Avan Strash, Bloody Scryde, Beast King Redemption Blast, and Kafrizz are some of the abilities you can use.

Assign each ability to a specific button, then unleash the appropriate skill by pressing that button at the right moment.

The original Adventure of Dai saga is continued in the Dragon Tracks narrative. Add known characters to your crew by completing missions!

Riku Sanjo is back to supervise A Fresh Adventure: The Bonding Journey, which is an entirely new narrative written by the original author!

Change your hair style, face, and more! In style, customise your character and adventure! Switch vocations such as hero, warrior, mage

The game features a number of familiar faces! Create your team and set out on an adventure, from Dai, Popp, Maam, and Leona of the Disciples of Avan to Dark Army personnel including Crocodine and Hyunc!

Take on new challenges and improve your equipment and abilities! The Adventure of Dai’s familiar abilities and equipment are all here! Weapons, armor, and characters’ skills and capabilities may be improved.

The most crucial benefit of Bonds is that they increase the level of your friendships, allowing you to get closer to your pals. You can even enjoy special scene illustrations! To deepen your friendships, have conversations with your comrades.