Doors: Paradox

Doors: Paradox was featured in October, 2021 of Puzzle

Doors: Paradox is the newest escape room game from Snapbreak, and it’s also the final part of the Doors series. This is another beautiful game in which you’ll solve complicated puzzles, similar to The Room.

Story and Features

We’ve been walking on the thin line between chaos and order since we first remember. A portal that had remained locked for millennia was opened one day, and catastrophe ensued. Now it’s up to you to restore order…but things aren’t as simple as they appear!

  • AMAZING 3D GRAPHICS – The fantastic mystery of our Doors is beautifully captured by our unique art style.
  • ENGAGING PUZZLES – Solve mind-bending puzzles and experience thrilling surprises in this charming hidden object adventure.
  • ABSORBING AUDIO – Enjoy it with your favorite music! Take a plunge into an other reality with our ethereal music and sound effects!

Doors: Paradox is a fantastic 3D puzzle escape game that you won’t want to pass up!