Doors: Origins

Doors: Origins was featured in December, 2020 of Puzzle

Doors is designed to reflect the possible destruction of the planet shortly. The game’s theme has been reinforced by beautiful 3D graphics and engaging puzzles that will keep you in your seat for hours. Additionally, the game’s designers have incorporated absorbing custom soundtracks. It also has a try for free option.

The game’s 3D artists made a lot of 3D concepts for this game. Only the most beautiful doors are in put this game. This game is challenging. It has a lot of puzzles that are really difficult. You should be prepared for some surprises that you will remember.

If you want to, you can enjoy this game with sound! Custom soundtrack and specially selected ambient sounds will complement each other for an immersive experience. You can try it out for free without any additional purchases. It’s designed to work on all screens and screen ratios. This is a great 3D escape game that you don’t want to miss!