DISGAEA RPG – Reroll, Tips for beginners

DISGAEA RPG was featured in April, 2021 of Gacha, Turn-Based RPG

Enter the Netherworld, a place ruled by demons and monsters. It is far beyond any ocean or cave as it’s dark with chaos reigning over all creatures that live there. But now this realm will open to anyone brave enough to enter into its depths for an exciting adventure awaits at the top of each level. Enter the dark world in search of raising your Overlord to be at his strongest possible level!

In Disgaea RGP, protagonists like Laharl, Flonne, Valvatorez, Etna, Adell, Mao, and more reunites in a strange world. The protagonists start an adventure that quickly becomes filled laughter at their reunion as well as tears when they recall better times from before in order for them to get back home.

The game uses the turn-based combat system which fans of series are familiar with.

Tips for beginners

  • Reroll until you pick a favorite character – The game offers players a treasure box with iconic characters from the series. There is no need to create accounts and restart the game to reroll characters in Disgaea RPG. unlike other games of chance such as rolling dice or spinning wheels where if you get unlucky too many times consecutively without picking anything at all, this “reroll” is infinite so anyone can get the characters they want.
  • Auto pick opening characters – Disagea allows you to freely pick a batch of opening characters. If you don’t have time, use the Auto feature offered by the game, which auto fills your party with a balanced selection of warriors to help you jump into the battles right away.
  • Choose who to deal finishing blow – Like the main game, who kills the enemy gets its experiences. So it is better to pick a character to finish the enemies for leveling up.